When should I get a mold inspection?

Finding the origins of a mold infestation may be just as hard as the cleaning process to get rid of it. While it may be obvious to spot them in some cases, it may be a severe infestation by the time they become visible. However, it is possible to recognize some signs indicating the presence of mold in a room. We will first quickly talk about black molds and provide a list of signs that may be caused by an infestation.

What Are Black Molds

It’s a type of fungi that can proliferate inside a house. They can be usually found in hidden places in houses in any room because they multiply fast in dark, damp, and low ventilated areas such as the kitchen sink, the bathroom, the basement. There are also times when they can be seen at the bottom of our walls due to the result of flood which may have entered our house.

They are considered to be a health hazard. In fact, it belongs to the Class A category of the Hazard Class System, a standard which is followed by most countries in indicating the effect of molds and fungi to a person’s health. According to the Class A category, They have spores that can be released in the air and it can emit toxins which can cause an allergic reaction to humans. If found, you should get rid of them right away to avoid further complications.

4 Cases When You Should Get A Mold Inspection

Here are some signs to look after. They usually indicate the presence of mold in a house:

  1. Moisture inside the house – If you seem to notice that there’s a particular area in your house

    that is damp most of the time, this can be a indication of their formation.

  2. Wall stains – whenever molds are prolific in the house, they usually leave a stain into the area where they are located. If you see some yellowish to dark green stains on you walls, this can also be a sign of their presence.
  3. Strange Odor – molds and fungi produces a certain peculiar smell unlike any scent. The odor become more recognizable if the house is air conditioned and the HVAC system is turned on. If ever you smell something out of the ordinary, you may well have them dwelling inside your place.
  4. Respiratory Issues – as mentioned, the toxins and spores released by the black molds can create an allergic reaction to humans especially to the respiratory system. So if ever you find yourself sneezing most of the time but don’t know what’s causing it, then most likely you have mold formation on some parts of your house.

Keep in mind you may experience the following signs without having  thems. However, you should look for the origin of the sign to be sure they are not caused by molds. Exposing yourself could  be a health threat, that the reason why  it’s a important to definitely get rid of them.

Keep an eye on any on these signs in your environment and educate yourself on black mold removal to make sure you will be able to deal with this issue should it present itself in your home.