Water Damage & Mold Removal

Those who had experienced water damage in their business or homes knows the burden of drying things, minimizing the impact of the damage and preventing further problems to happen. It is the common fear of most property owners as this type of damage can occur due to numerous reasons. It can be caused by flooded basement, heavy snow and heavy rain, clogged toilets, overflowing washer, broken hoses and pipes, leaks from roofs and plumbing and other possible causes such as human error.

Aside from hampering the business operation or incurring financial loss, there are plenty of other things for the victims to do such as content cleaning, packing and moving of their items and stuffs, recovering wet documents and important records and restoration procedures. Unless one can fully avoid tornadoes and other calamities and can ensure that their plumbing system is always in good condition, they will probably experience such damage during their lifetime.

The Potential Problems

Flood damage can cause thousands worth of havoc to upholstery, wood furniture, family heirlooms, appliances, gadgets, machines and other equipment. Likewise, it can cause mold growth, another expensive and serious problem that can also impose serious health risks such as skin allergies and asthma. Furthermore, the areas submerged in water could have a foul odor while standing waters can draw pests and insects thus complete cleaning and sanitation is needed.

Molds start to develop within 12-24 hours and while most types of molds are not a serious problem, it can still grow to massive numbers. It is essential to get rid of it thus, look for a

Water damage

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restoration services provider which also includes the service of an experienced mold remediation specialist. They will most likely to perform an assessment regarding the amount of damages, the level of contamination and mold identification.
When not promptly and properly address, the damage can cause secondary costs, major business interruptions and other potential damages in the future. Excessive water and moisture can also lead to deterioration of homes and establishments.

What to do in Case of Water Damage?

It is very critical for the owner to start water removal process and cleanup immediately to increase the likelihood of saving and restoring water-soaked clothing, furniture, appliance, rugs, carpets and other affected items. Depending on the expanse of the damage, the owner may be able to take care of it themselves.

Minor water problems call for some do-it-yourself water cleanup tips such as drying out the area and utilizing tools and products designed to prevent molds and mildew. He or she can also direct fans to dry the area quickly or run the heater to dry out the air. There are deodorization and anti-microbial products in the market that can be used to eliminate smells.

Thorough checking of other areas of the house is necessary as no one would want pest from harboring specifically in a wet basement. Even after completely drying out the area, it is best to use sprays and other products to prevent mold growth. There are also paints that have mold-stopping properties that can be applied to walls. However, if the area is very large and disaster repair is applicable, the job should be handled by professionals.

Get a Help from the Pro

In some instances the owners can take care of the damage and the restoration process themselves however, there are major cases which require a lot of rebuilding and cleanup. Moreover if the damage is due to black water (comes from sewage), the aid from professionals is highly recommended as this type of water is high in toxic and can cause serious health issues. Calling a reputable restoration company is a good start to avoid potential harm.

Water Damage Restoration

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The water extraction process usually begins in removing the water in the submerged areas by using high-powered pumps and dry vacs to completely dry the property. Expect that the furniture, appliances, carpeting and other things will be moved away. After performing the extraction, they will proceed to the next step which water restoration services call structural drying.

In minor issues, setting up a few fans would suffice but companies use heavy-duty fans and vacs strategically placed in the area for optimal drying. As water tends to get even into smallest holes, the technicians will go into details to dry the place completely.

To make the flood cleanup and water damage repair process easier and manageable, hire a company which offers these services. These companies have highly experienced workers and they know what is best to do during this critical time. Most likely they are also offering other related services such as odor removal and de-humidification and drying recovery services. However the choice could be overwhelming so make sure to look for these criteria when looking for a service provider;

  1. Make sure that the company is licensed and insured and their technicians are well-trained.
  2. Look for reviews and customer feedback to gauge the kind of service the company is providing to their clients.
  3. Get some estimates first as these companies might be offering the same services but their charges and fees vary.
  4. Understand their water extraction procedures to know if there are other things to be done and consider.
  5. Most companies would promise their clients to restore their properties in its pre-loss condition but only few follow this. Inquire about the inclusive of their restoration process and how much is the cost of rebuilding, re-tiling or repainting services.

The good thing about these water damage restoration companies is that most of them act promptly and intervenes within 24-48 hours. If the clean-up service is delayed, the risk of mold damage increases. Whilst the damage looks severe, these professionals can produce awesome results and can save or restore your precious items.
And since this could be a tedious task, a lot of paperwork is involved such as managing the insurance process of the property owner. Fortunately restoration companies nowadays also offer assistance and guidance to help their clients to get through the process and acquire a fair settlement.